The LSS Black Belt, Green Belt, and Master Black Belt courses and workshops are offered periodically on an open enrollment basis. Current class schedules are shown here. Other courses are scheduled based on customer request. All courses can be taught at customer locations.


Course Goal
 Length   Software   Certification
LSS Master Black Belt* Ability to teach LSS Black Belt or Green Belt (Train-the-Trainer) and to coach new GBs and BBs 3 Weeks Minitab Yes**
LSS Black Belt Basic and advanced problem solving DMAIC Process 4 Weeks Minitab Yes**
LSS Green Belt Basic problem solving using DMAIC Process 2 Weeks Sigma XL Yes**
LSS Yellow Belt Able to perform basic tasks on a project team using DMAIC 3 Days N/A No
LSS White Belt Basic knowledge of DMAIC and LSS tools; able to serve on  LSS team 1 Day N/A No
LSS Overview Awareness of DMAIC Process and LSS Concepts 2-4 Hours N/A No
LSS Champion and Sponsor Workshop +
Ability to manage LSS Program:Roles and Responsibilities, Project Identification, Developing Charters, Gate Reviews, Promotion 2-3 Days N/A No
LSS Sponsor Basics Ability to support GBs or BBs: Charters, Gate Reviews, DMAIC Process 1 Day N/A No
Design for Lean Six Sigma — Process Development of new processes or services using DMEDI Process 1 Week  Minitab No
Design for Lean Six Sigma — Product Development of new products using DMEDI Process 2 Weeks  Minitab No

*Prerequisite: Trained and certified as a LSS Black Belt

**Certification requirements vary based on the specific designation as a Green Belt, Black Belt, etc.

+ This workshop is taught onsite and is meant for the management team

DMAIC = Define-Measure-Analyze-Improve-Control is used to improve existing processes
DMEDI = Define-Measure-Explore-Develop-Implement is used to design new processes or products

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